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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


There is a little misconception I am seeing here about laser printers. Laser Printers do not apply toner to the paper in a "dot" pattern such as an ink jet printer does. What happens is the pattern to be printed is applied to what is called the "drum" with the help of the laser. When the drum rolls around, & the paper is below the image area the toner is pulled to the paper via an electrical charge (by the corona wire). Once the image is applied to the paper it passes through something called the "fuser". The fuser basically irons the toner onto the paper with heat. That is why paper feels worm or even hot when first coming out of the printer. Some HP laser printers allow you to control the temp of the fuser, and the density of the toner applied. Check your owner's manual for how to do this. Drop the temp of the fuser & or increasing toner density should help. BUT be careful with the page once it comes out of the printer because the toner has not been properly fused to the paper & will smear.


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> It may be possible to spray a fine mist of acetone on the toner. The hope is
> to reflow it so the holes close. When I overspray with Rust-Oleum Crystal
> Clear Enamel, the solvent in it makes the toner look darker. It is my
> understanding that this is because the toner reflows. But you can't use the
> enamel in your application.
> Rick
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> The leakage of plating solution through the toner may be another problem.
> Some laser printers tend to print a bunch of closely spaced dots instead of
> a solid. I have had problems with this in the past on PCBs causing tiny
> breaks in the circuit. Look at the toner with high magnification, perhaps
> with back lighting to see if this is the problem. Sometimes this can be
> improved by adjusting the printer for darker images, since often the default
> is an economy mode that conserves toner. Another possibility is that the 
> metal being plated might have not been clean enough. On PCB's I usually
> clean them with an SOS pad followed by Scothbrite and dish detergent. When
> really clean water should run off in a sheet rather than forming beads. Just
> a thought, it also could be what you said.
> Bob

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